Annual Maine SummerAuction ~ August 21, 2017, 1pm
Paintings ~ Drawings
Andrew Wyeth 1017-2009 pencil drawing 11x14 in. titled Skylight Study 1981 (copyright rights) Andrew Wyeth A.R.S. New York

Andrew Wyeth 1917-2009 ink drawing 7.25x10.5in. double sided
Andrew Wyeth 1917-2009 ink drawing side#2

Oil on canvas by Juho Rissanen 1873-1950 30x38in

Willem de Kooning 1904-1997 oil on vellum 14 x16 in

Willem de Kooning 1904-1997 oil on vellum 9.5x14in

Guache on paper by Maurice B. Prendergast 1858-1924 7x10 in

oil on canvas, 6 mast schooner by H. Wiegand
Lajos Kassak 1887-1967 watercolor 4.25x6.5in

Mixed media by John W. McCoy 1910-1989 22x36 in

French oil on canvas titled (The Village) 15.5 x 23.25in

watercolor by A. Lassell Ripley 1896-1969 17x21in

Watercolor from the Frank W. Benson home by Elliott Beveridge (hung in the front bedroom) 14x21in
Magazine photo of Beveridge in the Benson bedroom

William Lester Stevens 1888-1969 oil 24x28in
unsigned oil on panel 9.5x12in

Antonio Zanchi 1631-1722 brown ink on paper 3.25x4.5in
unsigned oil stillife of cherries 11x16in

George Washington Seavey 1841-1913 oil on canvas 10x14in

. Olga Rozanova 1886-1918 watercolor 9.5x12.5in
. William Hoyt oil 6x8in

signed Rosen heavy paint abstract 8x12in
Hand painted porcelain tile 6x8in

Henri Bastiste Lebasque 1865-1937 watercolor 6x7in
Esther Brock Bird Industrial charcoal drawing 10x16in

John Heliker 1909-2000 graphite on paper 11x14in
Italian watercolor with shepard watching his stock 18x24in

Folk Art stillife oil in original frame 13x18in
Bernard Langlais ink drawing 6.5x8.5 in

George Ehrenfried Grosz 1893-1959 pen and ink 5.5x8.25in
19thc. hand painted wood panel 8x10in

19th c. unsigned oil of sailboats in original frame 10x14in
19th c. unsigned oil 12x18in

Unsigned oil of Venice in original frame 10x17in
Susan Crater collage 20thc. 20x24in. (Sister Parrish's granddaughter)

Michael Karas b.1954 oil of winter rocks 11x14in

unsigned oil midnight scene Mt. Vesuvius in original frame 20x25in
Oil painting of Owls Head Lighthouse in original frame

Jacques Villon 1875-1963 drawing on paper 8.5x19in

2 early watercolors on paper both signed W. Mouton 1830

Glouchester style oil signed 12x16in

Sasha Brastoff 1918-1993 pastel on paper 17x22in

Sasha Brastoff 1918-1993 pastel on paper 17x22 in

Henry Jarvis Peck 1880-1964 collection of drawings

Ann Wyeth McCoy 1915-2006 watercolor 14.5x16in

John W. McCoy 1910-1989 watercolor 14x20in

Ann Wyeth McCoy 1915-2006 watercolor 12x16in

Elliott Beveridge watercolor 1953 14x19in

Helen Pearce Folk Art oil paintings 12x16in
Pair of Helen Pearce oils 12x16in

Folk Art painting of the summer home of Chief Justice of Maine L.B.Deasy 10x24in

Eric Moore 1927-2006 A.W.S

Eric Moore 1927-2006 A.W.S

18th century handpainted icon, probably Russian 1720 5x7in

One of a pair of 19th c. unsigned Ancestral portraits 25x30in
25x30in. one of a pair

Beth Nichols oil 30x36in

Neil Welliver pencil drawing 8.5x10.5in

Waldo Peirce 1953 11x16in

Set of 5 fox hunt oils signed M.Dragon (French)

Margraret (Peggy) Bacon 14x20in

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