Annual Maine Summer Auction ~ August 26, 2019, 1pm
Early Baseball Press Photos & Balls
Lot 99. 1940 Boston Red Sox signed team ball
Lot 99a Jimmie Foxx and Marv Owen

Lot 99b Ted Williams and Dom Dimaggio

Lot 99c. Bobby Dorr, Roger (Doc) Cramer, Jack Wilson

Lot 99d Joe Cronin, John Peacock, Tom Daly(coach)

Lot 99e. Lefty Grove

Lot 99f. Lou Finney

Lot 99g. Herb Hook

Lot 99h. Fritz Ostermueller

Lot 100. Babe and Bulett Joe Bush 6.5x8.5in.(Keystone)

Lot 100A. Babe,Col. Ruppert and Bob Muesel 6.5x8.5in (Keystone)

Lot 100B. Babe, Judge Londis and Bob Meusel 1934,8x10in. (Suspension not lifted) Keystone

Lot 100C. Ty Cobb circa 1911, 4.5x6.5in.(Keystone)
Lot 100D. Honus Wagner (2) photos 4.25x6.5 and 3.5x5.25in (Keystone)

Lot 100E. Connie Mack circa 1911, 5x7in. (Keystone)
Lot 100F. Babe and wife (Helen or Claire) 6x8in.(Keystone)

Lot 100G. McGraw and Davis discussing a point withe the umpires,4.5x6.5in. ca.1900(Keystone)

Lot 100H (4) photos) Chief Bender 8x10in. 1911 (Keystone)

Lot 100i . (3) photos Casey Stengal being escorted off the field,6x8in. (Keystone)
Lot 100i. St Louis Cardinal playing the tuba, 8x10in.(Keystone)

Lot 100i. Stanley Harris (the boy manager) and Joe Judge, 6x8in.(Keystone)
Lot 100j Col. Ruppert and Joe McCarthy (Keystone) Lot 100j. George (Tweedy) Stallings, 4.5x6.5in. (Keystone)

Lot 100j. Manager Joe McCarthy,6x8in. (Keystone)

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