Annual Maine Summer Auction ~ August 26, 2019, 1pm
Rare Andrew Wyeth letter with shore bird watercolor and great content about missing Maine circa 1980

Rare Anrew Wyeth letter with watercolor self portrait standing with his new knit hat looking at the Kuerner farm. 1978

Wonderful German oil of kittens playing, circa1880 (7 x 9in)
Edwin Brown 1869-1958 (16x20in.)

Jewish portraits of Cantor Anshel Levi and wife Babette 1760, 17.5 x 21.5in

Madonna and child early wooden icon (9x 10.5in)
Early wooden Icon ( 10.5 x 12.5in.)
Early wooden icon (12x14in.)

Watercolor of Belfast,Maine by Percy Sanborn 1849-1929 (8x13in.)

Watercolor by William Partridge Burpee 1846-1940 (7 x 10.5in.)
oil by C.L. Thompson (6.25 x 8.25in.)

Oil seascape by Alfed Gabali 1886-1963
Oil on Panel of a monk unsigned (13 x 16in.)

oil on panel signed A. Volkhofen
Onsigned oil in original frame

Oil on panel signed A. Volkhfen
20thc. ships at sea in original frame

Watercolor portrait by James McBey 1883-1959
Good selection of early silhouettes

Early silhouettes

Abstract diorama signed D.R.Jacobson (85)
Abstract oil by Frank Portelli (56 x 71.25in.)

Abstract oil signed Von Boudissin (28 x 36in.)
Watercolor signed Von Boudssin

Exhibit poster of Von Boudissin
oil by Von Boudissin 40x40in
oil by Frank Portelli (30 x 40in.)

oil by Frank Portelli (36 x 54in.)
Graphite drawing signed Von Boudissin (19.25 x 25.25in.)
Graphite drawinf signed Von Boudissin (18 x24in.)

Early miniature painting
Graphite drawing signed Von Boudissin (18 x 24in.)
Harley Oakes painting

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